Monsurat Olawumi Oladejo

Isori oro | Èdè | JSS2 Yoruba Language

Akekoo yoo le: Daruko awon isoro oro yorùba; Toka si isori kookan ninu gbolohun. So ise ti okookan n se ninu gbolohun

Background and Setting | Poetry: The anvil and the hammer by Kofi Awonoor | SS3 Literature-in-English

Poetry: The anvil and the hammer by Kofi Awonoor

The theme | Poetry: The anvil and the hammer by Kofi Awonoor | SS3 Literature-in-English

Poetry: The anvil and the hammer by Kofi Awonoor

Drafting basic skirt blocks | Pattern Drafting 2 | SS3 Garment Making

Students should be able to outline the body measurements necessary for drafting skirt blocks. Drafting front and back blocks.

Olubunmi Ogu-egege

Revising Adjectival Clauses | English Grammatical Structures | SS3 English Language

Identification and uses of adjectival clauses. The functions of adjectival Clauses. Uses in sentences.

Olubunmi Ogu-egege

Adjuncts: Forms and Functions | English Grammatical Structures | SS3 English Language

Identifying the features of adjuncts The forms, positions and functions of adjuncts Making sentences with adjuncts.

Abiodun Sarafadeen Oladejo

Contribution of some selected Muslim sages to the world civilization | Qur’An And Hadith | SS3 Islamic Studies

The Prophet (SAW) teaching about the need for every able person to work and earn his living in a legal manner. Why modesty in dressing and behaviour is prescribed in…

Basic Concepts in Map Reading | Map Reading And Interpretation | SS1 Geography

Defining maps Identifying with examples the different types of maps Differentiating between map and plan Stating the uses of maps; Identifying and describe types of scales and their attributes; Stating…

Oluwakemi Badiru

Theory Of Supply | Principles Of Economics | SS2 Economics

Meanings of demand and supply and market equilibrium. The factors affecting demand and supply. Distinguishing between factors causing shift in demand and supply curves, and those causing movements along demand…

Textiles:Definition, Origin, Manufature and Properties of Fabrics | Fibres And Fabrics In Garment Making | SS1 Clothing & Textiles

Define fibre and fabrics. State the differences between fibre and fabrics. Identify the origin of different types of fibre. Describe the manufacturing processes of different fabrics. State the properties /characteristics…

Oluwakemi Badiru

Price Determination | Consumer Behaviour, Price Determination And Market Structures | SS2 Economics

The interaction between the forces of demand and supply in determining the market price. The effect of changes in demand/supply on the equilibrium price and quantity. Elasticity of demand and…

Composition Writing: Argumentative | Writing | JSS2 English Language

Various types of composition writing; The elements of composition; Different types of composition.

Revisions: Various types of Composition Writing: Narrative, Descriptive, Argumentative | Writing | JSS3 English Language

Identify various types of composition writing; List the elements of composition; Write different types of composition.

Consumer Protection | Establishment And Management Of Business | SS3 Commerce

Explain the need to protect consumers; Explain consumerism; List the instruments for protection; List the organs or agencies responsible for consumer protection.

Chemical Reactions | The Chemical World | SS2 Chemistry

Identifying reactants and products of any chemical reaction Explaining the terms reaction time and reaction rate; and the relationship between the two. Explaining collision theory with respect to reaction time…