Alkanols | The Chemistry Of Life | SS2 Chemistry

Relating the structure of alkanes to that of alkanols Identify -OH as the functional group in alkanols The polar nature of alcohols and its effect on the solubility substances. Determining…

Second Tier Securities Market (SSM) | Capital Market | SS3 Commerce

Explain the meaning of Second-tier Market. Advantages of SSM to companies and investing public; The operating regulations Distinguishing between primary and secondary markets. Differentiating between first-tier securities and second-tier securities…

Nkejiasusu | Utoasusu | SS2 Igbo Language

Ihoputa mputara na oru nkejiasusu. Igosiputa ha n'ahiriokwu, Iji ha mee ahjrjokwu.

Monsurat Olawumi Oladejo

Itoju aláboyún | Àsà | JSS3 Yoruba Language

Akekoo yoo le: Salaye lori asà oyun nini ati itoju oyun; So awon ohun to le dena oyun nini; So ohun to le fa bibi abiku.

Urbanization | Economic And Human Geography | SS2 Geography

Recognising urbanisation as a result of migration. Urbanisation occurring as a direct result of rural-urban migration. The push and pull factors responsible for Urbanisation.

Composition Writing: Expository | Writing | JSS2 English Language

Various types of composition writing; The elements of composition; and Different types of composition.

Revisions: Various types of Composition Writing: Narrative, Descriptive, Expository | Writing | JSS3 English Language

Identifying various types of composition writing; The elements of composition; Different types of composition.

Pests and Diseases of Crops | The Organism And Its Environment | SS2 Biology

Identify pests of certain crops and indicate their control. Describe the life cycles of some of the pests. Describe some 8 common diseases caused by pests. Describe pest control measures.

Ecology of Population | The Organism And Its Environment | SS3 Biology

Define the term succession. Distinguish between primary and secondary succession. Describe the series of changes that often culminate in a stable ecosystem. Discover a definite sequence of plant colonization. Describe…

Excretory System in animals | The Organism At Work | SS2 Biology

Identify and describe different types of excretory systems in plants and animals. Explain the mechanisms of some of the excretory organs and relate structure to functions.

Economic Groupings In West Africa | Economic Groupings In West Africa | SS3 Commerce

The history of ECOWAS, NBC, LCBC, WACH, MANO River Basin; Member countries. Objectives of ECOWAS, NBC, LCBe.

Elijah Olakanmiayo

Asa: Isomoloruko | Asa´, Ede` Ati Litireso II | SS1 Yoruba Language

Livestock Parasites | Animal Health | SS3 Animal Husbandry

Define the term farm animal parasites State the classes of farm animal parasites Mention the effect of parasites on farm animals

Sulphur | Chemistry And Environment | SS2 Chemistry

Properties of group VIA elements Electron configuration of sulphur Meaning of allotropy Allotropes of sulphur Uses of sulphur Common compounds of sulphur Oxidation states of sulphur in its major compounds…

Oluwakemi Badiru

Petroleum and the Nigerian Economy | Structure Of The Nigerian Economy | SS3 Economics

The growth of the petroleum industry in Nigeria. The impact (positive and negative) of petroleum on the Nigerian economy. The role of the NNPC and OPEC in the production and…